Your Mistake


You made your bed of roses, now sleep among the thorns
A reflection of lost innocence, from birth an enemy sworn.
Too deep to sever reverence so don’t lie for consequential pain
Leaving a death among the children crying their tears in vain.
Subdued by your vengeance and hiding from your deceit.
Leaving only a vision for the blood that covers their feet.
Not giving to fulfill a hollowed heart where it belongs
Leaves little room for hope that each child longs.

Don’t try to say sorry
The damage has been done
The guilt in me and the pain in you
Won’t ever go away
I’ll forgive and you’ll forget
Learning from your mistake
I became your mistake.


Don’t live for the moment cause’ you’ll never get it back
The secrets of tomorrow hold the bruises, blue and black.
Destroyed by the consequence of leaving way too soon,
She waited for your courage-morning, night, and noon.
Eternity came sooner, hiding a guilty heart
The children enter streets that tear their lives apart.
A beauty to man known, but seen in her eyes
Blinded by the honor engulfed by your lies.

Don’t try to say sorry
The damage has been done
The guilt in me and the pain in you
Won’t ever go away
I’ll forgive and you’ll forget
Learning from your mistake
I was your mistake.


Drifting back and forth
The vengeance you despise
Always knowing the truth
Drown it in your lies

Don’t try to say sorry
The damage has been done
The guilt in me and the pain in you
Won’t ever go away
I’ll forgive and you’ll forget
Learning from your mistake
I’ll forgive and I’ll forget
Leaving was your mistake.


Tiffany Renee’



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Somethings Missing

Somethings Missing

This time of celebrations, a year that has been so hard
Finally an end, to the year that leaves me scarred.
A time to give to others, a story far greater than your own
A time feel complete, but I find myself alone.
The heart is not filled, the missing pieces scattered around.
I look to void all the emptiness that is found.
This year began so lovely, like a dream come true,
But at the end so much pain that we can’t undo.
Two innocent children and the man who led them astray,
And the boy I thought I loved-All have gone away.
This time of celebration has no peace or joy.
The love above all alive in that little boy.
These things they stab us like a million diamond knives;
These are what I call the puzzles of our lives.


Tiffany Renee’

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Good Intentions

This one is a little elementary in composition however I did write it almost 11 years ago…I think it is worth a read.


Good Intentions

I see what you are doing, trying to make me need.
Making me feel imprisoned so you can say i’m freed.
Saying empty words, thinking that they’ll do
But I’ve heard them all before, before there was a you.
Remember I’m not trusting, not so easily deceived
This comes from the hurt in what I have perceived.
I know you are different, yet you use me the same;
Just way they all do as a part of their game.
I feel what you are doing, trying to hand me down
But I can’t get any closer, closer to the ground.
Living like a hell the devil your name mentions
Making me wonder if there are any good intentions.


Tiffany Renee’

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For you my Friend

And if I could just see your face

It would make all this go away.

You see, I can’t forget how it feels

When I remember that one day.

Stronger than all the rest

Forever, eternity could suggest

Its just me and something I cannot replace.


Tiffany Renee’


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A Dream for Two

A Dream for Two

A Dream for two or maybe three
Now four times the love I hold in me.
Destined choices are they made?
Is love forever or does it fade?
Grains of sand are moments in time
They come and go as does my rhyme.
Hardships and cruelty. Is life fair?
Get what you give-your own despair.
Take me or leave me, Five times what you see
As an asterism of stars shines brightly on thee.

Tiffany Renee’

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All we are is Who we are

I found this to be horrifyingly fitting with everything we see in the world today.

Flying high, as opposed to depression
My days unfold a more vibrant color.
Leaves, do you, do they mean to be so diverse?
An arrangement of tri-curious natives
Explosively trying to make me apart of their tribe.
Why try when you are merely adding
To a foundation that has always existed to my nature?
Child eyes searching through the woods,
Fiercely, panicky, almost furiously searching.
This is not home, it never has been.
City walls piled high-NO- not in sight, no wood
To take me home, to blame me of my urbanization.
Looking down on the fact that I am civilized.
Who would have guessed that would be
A white girl dehumanizing civilization.
Is that what I am doing to want to be home?
What a crime that is. Am I at fault for existing
In a place where I do not exist?
Or do I and not yet know?

Tiffany Renee’

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If now is not the time…then when is?

Now is not the time
January 2012

Mistakes are often made because perfection won’t prevail
Years slip by changing memories into blackmail
Tossing back and forth your guilt like a sleepless night
Hoping if you word it, if you tell it, it might just sound right
You worry how the whole thing looks…does it look good?
Does that cover up the truth in these snapshots of a childhood?
You can justify weakness in anyway you choose
The truth doesn’t change no matter who you accuse.
That bitterness on your lips I do hope it tastes so sweet
To harbor jealousy for a child that was so easy to defeat.
Although our connection runs angry and red
Your shame remains in the things you left unsaid.
Don’t mistake this as anger because it burns from my soul
Silently watching like the embers settling in coal.

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